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Rental terms and conditions

The Tenant states have full legal capacity to enter under these terms and condition.

Entry into force and duration:
These terms come into force when Schindler Rentals collects the deposit. They are valid until the customer leaves the accommodation (date and hour indicated in the last confirmation email sent).

These conditions are concluded between:
The company SCHINDLER RENTALS Ltd capital of 5000 euros, located at 15 rue Henriette Crombez 62590 OIGNIES, registered with the RCS d'ARRAS B 793 528 753 and the tenant wishing to rent an accommodation who has given his personal data while booking. The tenant commits himself to updating his personal data if they had to change.

The electronic signature of the renal agreement is made by the « double-clicking » system, the communication of personal date and/or bank details, and the receipt of the deposit. If the deposit has not been collected by Schindler Rentals, the contract is not deemed signed by Schindler Rentals. The electronic signature has the same legally binding status as a handwritten signature. Without this electronic signature, the booking will not be taken into account.

1. The rental agreement

The rental agreement is composed of specific clauses and general clauses. The tenant will find the special clauses (the accommodation address, time of arrival, rental price) in the confirmation e-mail and general clauses are these general rentals terms. It is therefore essential to check the box when booking to prove the acceptance of these terms. They will be attached to the confirmation e-mail with the booking details.

The rental agreement will be concluded directly between the owner (who may be represented by Schindler Rentals) and the tenant.

2. Purpose of the premises

The accommodation shall be exclusively use for temporary and leisure purposes. It may not constitute the principal or secondary residence and the tenant may not carry out any commercial, trade or professional activity therein. The tenant may therefore rely on the legal provisions applicable to residential leases particularly with regard to tenure. Accordingly, the contract will be governed by the provisions of the french Civil Code and by these terms and conditions.

3. Booking and confirmation

Once the customer choose the accommodation, he will have to fill in the rental form with his personal informations. The reservation is final when the tenant has received the confirmation email and when the deposit has been debited from his bank account (if the reservation has been made more than 15 days before your arrival, the rest will be automatically debited 15 days before your arrival). If the reservation is made less that 15 days before your arrival, the tenant will have to pay the total amount of the reservation. However, the tenant have the possibility to pay the entire reservation at any time. In short term rental (<= 90 nights) the deposit represents 30% of the total amount, to which we add any surcharges and additional services. In medium term rental (> 90 nights), the deposit represent a one-month rent to which we add any surcharges and additional services. 30€ VAT of fees will be charged with every booking. The total cost will be indicated when booking.

Only the confirmation e-mail and the debit of the prepayment are a proof of the rental confirmation.

4. The balance of payment

The balance is due 15 days before the arrival. It will be automatically debited and not refundable by SCHINDLER RENTALS in case of cancellation 15 days before the arrival.

5. Security Deposit

The security deposit indicated in the accommodation's details will respond to any damages that could affect the accommodation, furniture or equipment and thefts. It will also be used to pay any consumption of gas or electricity or a balance of rent. A credit card imprint will be made on the website. The security deposit will be released within 15 days after the check-out. In case of damage or theft, the owner or his representative shall return to the customer the deposit minus the cost of the repairs and/or refurbishment and/or purchases within 60 days following the check-out.

If the deposit is insufficient, the tenant agrees to pay the difference on supporting documentation provided by the owner or his representative.

If the tenant looses the keys of the rented accommodation, the owner or his representative will be obliged to change the door's barrel. The invoice will be paid by the tenant.

6. Check-in

In order to provides the best service, it is required that the tenant gives the time of check-in and check out. However, in case of delay, the tenant can always call the owner or his representative so they can arrange another meeting. An additional 30€VAT can be charged if the owner or his representative has to make an extra trip to welcome the tenant due to a lack of information.

For the « Privilege » accommodation, if the tenant arrives between 8pm and 11pm an additional fee of 15€VAT/hour will be charged.

In every cases, it will not be possible to arrive after what is indicated in the accommodation's details. Once arrived, the tenant will have to show a valid ID.

On his arrival, an inventory and inspection of the accommodation will be made in 2 copies. If the inspection can't take place the tenant will be presumed to have received the accommodation in good repair and have to leave everything as it is, except if the contrary is proved (Article 1731 of the french Civil Code). The tenant will take good care of the accommodation as a « good father ».

7. Departure or arrival on sunday or public holiday

For every arrivals on sunday or on a french public holiday, an additional fee of 20€VAT will be charged.

8. Check-out

For the non « privilège » accommodation:
The owner will take care of the inventory and the inspection of the accommodation at the time time indicated in the last e-mail received by the tenant. He will retrieves the keys. Any differences from the check-in inventory will be charged on the tenant. In case of the impossibility to inspect the accommodation because of late check-out, the owner will inspect the accommodation and do the inventory on his own.

For the « privilèges » accommodation:
The tenant will have to leave the accommodation at the date and time indicated in the last confirmation e-mail. If the tenant leave after this time, Schindler Rentals can charge an additional night. For some accommodation it will be possible to close the door and put the keys in the mailbox.

The accommodation will be in the same condition as it was when you received it. Clean and organized dishes. The linen is washed by Schindler Rentals.

The inventory and the meter reading will be made unilaterally by Schindler Rentals after your check-out. Any difference from your check-in inventory, any damages and/or maintenance problem will be billed to the tenant.

9. Change of the travel dates

The tenant can change his travel dates directly on Schindler Rentals's website in the Tenant Area. However, the tenant can only change his check-in or check out dates. If the tenant wants to change the whole trip, it will be considered as a cancellation (read paragraph 10). Also, if the date requested shorten the trip it will not gives right to a refund or a change in the balance.

It is not possible to make a change of accommodation during your stay.

10. Cancellation policy

Cancellation made more than 15 days before the check in:
The deposit and application fees are non-refundable.

Cancellation made within 15 days before the check-in:
The total rental cost is cash in and never refundable by Schindler Rentals (with a maximum of one-month rent).

Schindler Rentals will have to be informed of the cancellation by e-mail exclusively. The cancellation will be taken into account after the tenant received the cancellation confirmation e-mail. Every anticipated check-in or late check out will not give the right to a refund. Schindler Rentals cannot be held responsible for disruption, loss of use cause by external factors (strikes, train or plane delays, etc.).

If the tenant wants to protect himself, he can subscribe to ADAR/ADAR PLUS Cancellation / Interruption Insurance and Rental liability.

Cancellation made by Schindler Rentals:
If contingencies (fire, damages, thefts, etc.) make the accommodation inaccessible, Schindler Rentals will strives to find another accommodation with the same conditions for the tenant (dates, price, location, comfort). If Schindler Rentals cannot find another accommodation, the tenant will be refund.

11. Term of the lease

The accommodation's details inform you on the minimum stay. The stay cannot be longer than the number of nights indicated on the confirmation e-mail. The contract is legally terminated after the date and time indicated in the confirmation e-mail.

12. Prices

Short term rental(<= 90 nights):
Every prices are indicated in EurosVAT. Please not, all prices include Agency fees. Gaz and electricity are included within the following limits:
- From may to september: 10kw/days for a 1-room accommodation, 15kw/days for a 2-room accommodation, 20kw/days for a 3-room accommodation, and 25kw/days for a 4-room accommodation and more.
- From october to april: 15kw/days for a 1-room accommodation, 25kw/days for a 2-room accommodation, 35kw/days for a 3-room accommodation, and 40kw/days for a 4-room accommodation and more.
Water consumption is also included within the following limits: 0.15m3 per person and per day.

If the tenant exceed these limits (on meter reading), an additional billing will be made based on the current kw price.

Medium term rental (> 90 nights):
Every prices are indicated in Euros VAT. Gaz and electricity are included within the following limits:
- From may to september: 300kw/months for a 1-room accommodation, 450kw/month for a 2-room accommodation, 600kw/month for a 3-room accommodation, and 750kw/month for a 4-room accommodation and more.
- From october to april: 350kw/month for a 1-room accommodation, 750kw/days for a 2-room accommodation, 1050kw/month for a 3-room accommodation and 1200kw/month for a 4-room accommodation and more.
Water comsumption is olso included within the following limits: 4,5m3 per person and per month.

If the tenant exceed theses limits the bill will be paid with the security deposit. The phone is never included.

13. Tenant obligations

The tenant obliges himself:
- not to transform the leased premises.
- to verify whether is domestic insurance policy implies an extension for holidays rentals.
- to pay the rent on the agreed terms.
- not to smoke in the accommodation. Smoking in an accommodation will result in the payment of a compensation (laundry cost, dry cleaning, and damages). The minimum penalty is 120€VAT.
- not to let animals in without the owner or his representative authorization.
- not to sublease or transfer the rented accommodation.
- to be responsible of any damages and/or losses that occur during the rental unless it is caused by the owner or a third party who has not been invited.
- not to do anything that could affect the tranquility of the neighborhood and to respect the building's rules.
- to notify the owner or his representative as soon as possible if an emergency repair is needed, to let the owner or his representative manage the repair, and not to ask for any financial compensation.
- to let the owner or his representative enter the rented accommodation as often as needed.
- to occupy the accommodation in the excess of the number of guests allowed in the accommodation (indicated on the accommodation's details) If not, the owner or his representative can charge an additional fee or keep the security deposit or refuse the access to the accommodation.
- to take care of the accommodation (every extra cleaning needed because of a lack of cleaning during the stay will be paid with the security deposit).
- to return the accommodation in the same condition as it was at the check-in (washed and organized dishes, furniture untouched...).
- to be responsible for any complaints from the neighborhood.
- not to hold Schindler Rentals or the owner responsible liable in case of theft, attempted theft, any kind of offense that could have been done to the tenant or any harm coming from outside the accommodation.
- no to held Schindler Rentals liable for any damages that could occur to the tenant or his personal belongings or made by the accommodation equipment.
- Not to held Schindler Rentals or the owner for water,gas,electricity cuts or a elevator malfunction or internet interruption.
- not to order movies or pay on the internet with the owner internet subscription.
- not to contact the owner directly to rent the accommodation for another trip or to extend the length of it.

14. Reservation allocation

The reservation is granted to the tenant whose name is mentioned in the confirmation e-mail. It is never assignable to anyone else.

15. Termination

The rental agreement will be terminated automatically without any formality at the date specified in the rental agreement or in case of failure to correctly perform the contract. In this case the tenant will leave the accommodation immediately or if needed, will be evicted.

16. Data Privacy

According to the law of 08/07/2004 relating to data, files and freedoms, protection of personal data, SCHINDLER RENTALS informs the tenant that the personal data provided will be used only for the service requested. Only employees and partner supplies who need these data to provide the best service to its customers will have access. In all cases, tenants can exercise their rights of access, opposition, modification and cancellation in accordance with the mentioned law.